Legislation Alert! Support HB 347 now.

Please contact members of the HGEIAC (Government, Elections, and Indian Affairs) right away and ask them to support HB 347. This bill states the petition signature requirements for candidates without regard to party affiliation. The numbers are fair and reasonable, e.g., 1000 for statewide office, 500 for congressional district, etc. A vote is expected Monday, February 20th. Please ask the legislators to VOTE FOR HB 347 to advance the bill.  Thank you.  Contact information is below.

Representative D. Wonda Johnson — dwonda.johnson@nmlegis.gov 505-986-4433
Representative Natalie Figueroa — natalie.figueroa@nmlegis.gov 505-986-4255
Representative Martin R. Zamora — martin.zamora@nmlegis.gov 505-986-4211
Representative Janelle Anyanonu — Janelle.Anyanonu@nmlegis.gov 505-986-4464
Representative John Block — John.Block@nmlegis.gov 505-986-4220
Representative Gail Chasey — gail@gailchasey.com 505-986-4777
Representative Dayan Hochman-Vigil — dayan.hochman-vigil@nmlegis.gov 505-986-4327
Representative Charlotte Little — Charlotte.Little@nmlegis.gov 505-986-4254
Representative William “Bill” R. Rehm — bill.rehm@nmlegis.gov 505-986-4214


Please note that a separate post will contain recommendations on other bills.


Join Q & A with David Barsamian

Join the Albuquerque chapter of Veterans for Peace for a presentation from David Barsamian followed by a Q & A session on Monday, February 13, 2023, 5:30 p. m. on Zoom.  Mr. Barsamian is a well-known and award winning host of Alternative Radio.

Link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89321421597

Call-in number: +1 312 626 6799, Meeting ID: 893 2142 1597

Gun Violence webinar

Join Greens and others for this important discussion about the origins of gun violence in the United States.  Moderator will be Ajamu Baraka, the 2016 GPUS Vice-Presidential candidate.  Thanks to the Gateway Green Alliance for putting it together!  Wednesday, February 1, 6:30 p. m. MST, on Zoom.  Must register.

Biodiversity COP15

This international conference will be in Montreal from December 7, 2022 to December 19, 2022:  https://www.cbd.int/conferences/2021-2022.  Read the draft agreement to protect biodiversityGlobal Greens will host a virtual Green Zone on the 11th and 12th.

More information here:  https://www.unep.org/un-biodiversity-conference-cop-15.


Call for Candidates 2023

Regular Local Elections take place statewide in 2023.  These are non-partisan elections like municipal council, school board, and conservancy district.  Please contact us if you wish to run for office in a local election in 2023.  Thank you.

A Different Border Issue

Arms trafficking to Mexico is a deadly business.  There is an international conference on the issue in Mexico City that concludes on November 4, 2022.  The final session is at noon and can be followed on youtube:


Constitutional Amendment 3

Voters in New Mexico are asked to consider three different constitutional amendments.  The GPNM Green Council had consensus on a soft NO on CA-3.  The overriding concern is that a judge appointed to fill a vacancy in an elected position could continue to serve beyond the next general election.

Greens Getting Media and Creating Their Own

The smaller party and independent candidates often are intentionally denied coverage and opportunities to alert voters to other options and introduce ideas. This frequently occurs when commercial media produce debates. Scattered across the country, however, are opportunities for Green Party candidates–next week, the Green candidate is included in a televised congressional debate in Connecticut.

Sometimes, we create our own media and share it as widely as we can. One of the headline candidates for Greens in 2022 is Matt Hoh, running for U. S. Senate from North Carolina. He has a series of video chats with notable figures, e. g., Margaret Kimberley and Chris Hedges.  Don’t miss tonight’s chat with Jill Stein. You can find other videos on his youtube channel.