Graphic Designer Sought

The Coordinated Campaign Committee of the Green Party of the United States seeks a graphic designer to add some visually-appealing elements to its annual “Call For Candidates” web page. Interested applicants please send a bio and recent samples of graphic design work to CCC@GP.ORG by October 15, 2023. Please direct questions to Scott Laugenour, Co-Chair Coordinated Campaign Committee at CCC@GP.ORG
The graphic designer will work with the web administrator of the Green Party of the United States and with the Coordinated Campaign Committee on the project.  Project completion date November 5, 2023.
Project budget:  $300
The approved outline of the web page is as follows:
  • CCC will produce a web page with the following website outline, in a visually appealing manner, for the Green Party US “Call for Candidates 2024” website page;

    • “Run with the party that these candidates candidates chose to make a difference in 2024, The Green Party”:  Presidential candidates vying for presidential nomination [approved by PCSC/candidates achieving provisional acceptance in 2023 and full acceptance in 2024/ and provide link to PCSC website]; Congressional Candidate; State Level Candidate; Local Candidate(s).   [include some future candidates, very recent winning candidates, and non-winning candidates who demonstrated excellence and will run again] [photos and bios]
    • Join the community of Green officeholders [who have made or are making a difference over the years. [long-tenured dedicated Green office holders] [several photos and bios]
    • How to Run for Office …. [Tips for deciding which office to run for] [Link to state party websites election pages, when available]
    • Link to Elections Database
    • Link to the GPUS Candidates network home page

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