Toward a Greener New Deal

GPNM adopted the following resolution on June 12, 2021, at the Annual Meeting/Convention

Whereas, energy sources that are not fossil fuels themselves require fossil fuels in their extraction, production, and delivery;

Whereas, industrial solar and wind power, hydropower, geothermal power, and nuclear power all carry a range of negative effects on the environments and communities surrounding sites of extraction and production that may or may not be offset to some degree by the benefit of energy production;

Whereas, resource extraction is often linked to loss of land, resources, rights, culture, and life of indigenous or impoverished communities around the world;

Whereas, energy consumption and production can be reduced through decreased demand;

The Green Party of New Mexico resolves the following:

A. To stand in solidarity with global communities negatively affected by energy resource extraction and production and to demand that these communities be given the power of informed consent, adequate compensation, and on-going reparation and management of resulting environmental, cultural, and health degradation resulting from extraction.

B. To support implementation of public and private policies that a) reduce the standard work week without forcing increased production from individual workers, b) strengthen and enforce efficiency and emission standards in transportation and construction, and c) promote and provide accessible public transportation and human-powered transportation opportunities without displacing historically and culturally under-represented communities.

C. To support amendments or additions to the Platform of the Green Party of the United States that meaningfully address the concerns and conditions listed above.

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